Indian Economy

Economics is a very vast and important subject for Competitive exams. Economy is Mostly dependent on the current affairs. All topics of Economy for UPSC and various other exams are covered in this section. 

All Chapters of Indian Economy are :-

  • Introduction

  • Growth, Development and Happiness

  • Evolution of Indian Economy

  • Economic Planning

  • Planning in India

  • Economic Reforms

  • Inflation and Business Cycle

  • Agriculture and Food Management

  • Industry and Infrastructure

  • Service Sector

  • Indian Financial Market

  • Banking in India

  • Insurance in India

  • Security Market in India

  • External Sector in India

  • International Economic Organisations and India

  • Tax Structure in India

  • Public Finance in India

  • Sustainability and Climate Change : India and the World

  • Human Development in India

  • Burning Socio - Economic Issues