Mathematics is an important topic for any competitive exam you are preparing. In this article we will understand how to use this site to learn concept of each topic of mathematics.

Topics we cover

We will cover all chapters of mathematics for Common eligibility Test (CET) and other competitive exams. We will learn both quantitative and geometric mathematics.

  • Topics related to numbers like number system, LCM HCF, Fraction, Simplification etc.

  • Language related topics like simple interest, work and time, speed distance and time, discount, profit and loss, Pipe and cistern, discount etc.

  • Volume topics

  • Geometry related topics like Circle , Cord and Tangent, triangle etc.​

You can find list and detail in below all topics link.

All topics of maths

Pattern of learning Topics

Pattern we use is very simple and design as you learn more with practice.

each topic is divided in several sub-topics and in each sub-topic first you will find concept, formula and method how to solve questions and after that there are some similar question related to that sub-topic and in last answer key will be given.

There is also a link to Youtube video for concept, formula and method. You can watch this video to learn concept.


So now click on start learning to explore all topics list of maths